Dierks Bentley - "Here On Earth"

Standin' here on this cold ground
Tears fallin' down in the dirt
This world keeps spinnin' round and round
But you're latin' still on the earth
Don't wanna swim in this darkness
Drown in a whiskey sea
But there's no makin' sense of the senseless
While this pain is killin' me

There's not a stone in my heart I've left unturned
Not a piece of my soul that I ain't searched
The only answer I've found for this hurt
Is there ain't no answers here on Earth

I ain't the best of believers
Ain't at the front of the church
I've read the words of a teacher
But I still struggle with what it's all worth 'Cause

Repeat Chorus

I wish that I could be stronger
I wanna have that kind of faith
But even if I did, I still wonder 'cause
Nothin' would change
You're gone, you're gone, you're gone, you're gone, you're gone
Cause you're gone, you're gone you're gone, you're gone, you're gone
Please help me believe
I'm on my knees
Help me believe

Repeat Chorus
Down here on Earth
There's no Answers here on Earth