Danielle Bradbery - "Young In America"

Let's crank the truck, kick up some dust
Leave it all behind just me and you baby
Don't look back, stomp on the gas
Tear off the rearview, lets co crazy
Maybe Tennessee, LA, NYC, Mississippi
Come on, come on

Woah-oh, ready set go, gotta get out of this small town
Woah-oh, this open road, air to breathe, the sun is shinin' down
Oh, woah, it's you and me, in the land of the free, so baby lets run
while we're young in America

We could do the Vegas thing, you could buy me a ring
Make a lot of love and a little bit of money
Go dancing in rain with the guitars playing
Down there in Memphis, how about it, honey?
Fine wine, sand, bare feet,Kiss me on the beach, so much to see
Come on, come on

Repeat Chorus

I'll go anywhere, it's true
As long as I'm with you

Repeat Chorus

Whoa oh, Young in America
Whoa oh, whoa oh
Young in America