Cassadee Pope - "Proved You Wrong"

Cold as ice
Your words cut like knives
I deserve a prize
For sticking Around this long
You say I'm nothing without you
And no one loves me like you do
Always left me feeling black & blue
The list could go on and on and on and on but

Hey...I'm breaking free just watch me walk away
Had your hooks in me...but I escaped
I don't need excuses, done with your abuses
Telling me that I'm not strong, baby
Hey...just listen to this song
Guess I-I-I proved you wrong
I-I-I proved you wrong

It's easy letting go of us
Said I didnt' even have the guts
Yet here I am packing up
I'm taking my heart back because I've had enough

Repeat Chorus

Hey...I'm done with you and the lies you've made
You were such a mistake

Repeat Chorus

I-I-I proved you wrong
I-I-I proved you wrong