Jason Cassidy - "Damn Good Beer"

I spend 14 hard hours working the line

I got bills that are needin’ my over time

And to fix my old Ford, is gonna cost me more than it’s worth

Ya in other words…..this is a damn good beer

a damn good beer

Earlier today, I got the call

My ex don’t want half, she wants it all

Right now I’d be fishin’, but she sold my bass boat on eBay

Ah but that’s ok…this is a damn good beer

a damn good beer

(Verse 3)

I was just sitting at the bar, minding my own

Some biker dude walked up, like I did something wrong

He said SON get outta my seat, or you’re gonna end up dead

Ha and after my bottle shattered on his head I said

That was a damn good beer

Ill take another round here

And the whole bar cheered

Awe drink it up