Lauren Aliana - "Barefoot & Buckwild"

You got a way of calling right at the wrong time
I know your southern drawl is what trouble sounds like
The way you got me grinning, you know I’ll climb up in your
Rusty truck, I give up
Come on over, pick me up

Back roads, no lines
High beam headlights
Baby, you just might
Make me lose my mind

You slide me over, little love shooting shotgun
Hands out the window, got my toes up on the dash
Nothing but fields on the wheels just slinging red mud
I like the way you drive
Just like a rebel child
You make me wanna get
Barefoot and buckwild

You’re showing off in circles down by the riverside
You like to make me nervous so I’ll move in real tight
Come on throw it in park, I wanna see the stars
And feel grass between my toes
Dancing to the radio

Boy, you got me
Where you want me
Lost in the country
Hearts 'a skipping beats

Repeat Chorus

I don't know how ya do what you do
But you do what you do
And it does what it does to me
I can’t stop it
Once you start it

Repeat Chorus

Wild, wild, wild, wild
Barefoot and buckwild

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