Eric Paslay - "Friday Night"

I don’t wanna be your Monday mornin’
Headin’ back to work

Stuck in traffic goin’ slow

Nothin’ on the radio

I don’t wanna be another chore
To check off on your list

Of things you gotta do

And places that you gotta go
Oh no

I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride

Summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight
I wanna be your jackpot hot spot

Wide-open road in a candy apple rag top

I wanna set you free

I wanna take you high

I wanna be, wanna be

Your Friday night
Oh your Friday night

We can rock together

Let the good times roll forever
Fill up our cup

Make a memory drink it up

I don’t wanna miss another minute
Wanna live it

With you ‘neath the blue sky

Fallin’ in love

(Repeat Chorus)

I wanna be your lemonade in the shade

Money in your pocket ‘cause you just got paid baby

(Repeat Chorus)

Your Friday night
Your Friday night
Oh F-F-F-Friday night

©2011 Cal IV Songs (ASCAP) / Music Of Cal IV (BMI) / Golden Vault Music (BMI) / Wadmalaw Music (BMI)