Jerrod Niemann - "Guessing Games"

I thought we had a good thing join'
I bought that good times and good vibes were flowin'
But lately you're leavin' a different impression
It's like all you believe in is playing these guessing games

And the hardest part is knowing the meaning
In the lack of the things you say
I'm on to all of your tricks
Aw, you're slicker than Jesse James
You're really somethin'
Nothing but guessing games

You're hot as Miami, your body is classic
Your smile is deadly but covered in plastic
And those so-called friends you're impressing
Since they bought you now you got to play
these guessing games

Repeat Chorus

You know what is completely obnoxious
You thought you were my only option
Must be all that pent-up aggression
From who caught you and taught you a lesson in guessing games

Repeat Chorus

You're really somethin'
Nothing but guessing games