Dustin Lynch - "Sittin' Pretty"

She was sittin' pretty close
I was getting warmer
She was all chery lips sippin' ice water
All I was thinkin'bout was faster, faster
Faster, faster
I was acting who cares
But my mind was scheming
How to get her starring in some
Nighttime dreaming
Making up true lies and getting her believing
I was getting her believing
Sittin' on my truck seat
Sittin' on my porch swing
Didn't even care she was out of my league

I was sittin' pretty cool country boy
Looking big city
She was up for some down home back road nitty gritty
Hottest girl in the whole county sitting next to me
Sittin' pretty

Friday night full moon
Howling at the river
Looking for the heaven only love can deliver
All I was thinking'bout was all I could give her
All I could give her
Sittin' on eighteen goin' on forever
Neither one of us ever knew better

Repeat Chorus

We were riding on a roll tide
Feeling it flowing
It was all good wherever we were going
ooh yeah