Jake Owen - "The Journey Of Your Life"

He was old school and overalls
Tough as nails as i recall
Fought a war and came back home
Honest as the day was long
Right before my grandpa died he looked me right straight in the eyes
Said here's some words to get you by
Ro help you on the journey of your life

You'll need a hero
And a good dog
Especially a good dog
A hammer and a handsaw
A bandaid now and then
You'll need a home to come home to
Son we all need a refuge
On the straight and narrow path
You need to learn to bend
Get a good square keep it level
Have grace to face the devil
You need an angel flying by your side
On the journey of you

Ride the wind 'til we meet again
On the other side of life
You'll need some good luck and a Bible
Especially a Bible
A lot of faith in god above
And a woman you can love
You'll need a good song that you can sing on
And a shoulder you and lean on
And you gotta draw the line sometimes when push comes to shove
You'll need to lose some to be a winner
And have courage to surrender
Laugh a lot and keep it light
On the journey of your life

And no matter what dreams you're chasing
Never get above your raising
May the simple things be amazing
On the journey of your life

He said I'll be an angel flying by your side
On the journey of your life