Eden's Edge - "Wherever I Go"

An American life and American town
Watchin' wheat fields dance till the sun went down
Some dream close and some dream far
We all wished on the same big star
But me I threw my dreams in the back of a getaway car

Checkin’ my rear view
I can still see you
Mama we both knew

Hearts like mine need open sky to grow
And every mile reminds me I’m never alone
Cause every memory, everything you gave me, is written here on my soul
Yeah I’m taking my home wherever I go

If I never left, if I woulda stayed
I'm sure I'd have a sweet little baby and different name
But my front porch is has a highway sign
Im falling asleep to the engine's whine
my picket fence is on 18 wheels and Im doing just fine

I’m still the little girl you knew
Singing in our living room
Might be a different town a different view
But Mama I’m still singing to you

Chorus x2