Eden's Edge - "Who Am I Drinking Tonight"

I gotta say
Boy, after only just a couple dates
You're hands down out right blowing my mind
In nearly every single way

You're amazing and yet
There's only so much I can get
From picnics, long walks, flowers and talks
So baby, here's what I suggest
It's time I see you belly up to a bar
How ‘bout you show me what kinda cowboy you are

Are you a Kenny tequila
Buffet margarita
Or an Alan Jackson hurricane
Are you a good time
Flask of moonshine
Going George Strait to my brain
A girl can tell a lot
About a boy in one shot
I gotta know you gotta Bocephus side
What's in the cup, order it up
Who am I drinking tonight

You might not have guessed
Judging by my heels and lacy dress
I'm a Wynette, Gretchen, Loretta Lynn
I've learned from the best
Woman like that know how to throw a few back
We gotta have a man who can keep up with all that

Repeat Chorus

So pick your poison
And make it two
Which kinda trouble are we getting into

Repeat Chorus

What’s in the cup, order it up
Who am I drinkin’
Another round throwin’ ‘em down
Boy what ya thinking
What’s in the cup order it up
Who am I drinking tonight