Eden's Edge - "Skinny Dippin'"

I warned you that the tank was low
Shoulda stopped for gas 10 miles ago
Back in Prairie Grove
N’ now we’re stuck, n’ just our luck
It’s too hot to say I told you so
But I told you so
As I recall my Uncle Paul
Talked about a swimming hole not far from here
There’s no iced tea, no a/c
I guess we’ll just have to cool off naturally

Close your eyes, uh-uh, no peeking
Are you thinking what I’m thinking
Wanna go-o-o-o-o
Sweet temptation in the cool blue water
Probably shouldn’t but I think we oughta
It ain’t no thing
Pretty sure it ain’t no sin
Let’s go skinny dippin’

You’re a boy, I’m a girl
But I ain’t scared to give it a whirl if you’re not
We can hang our clothes on a big oak tree
Let’s just hope nobody sees
But if they do so what
You say one, and I’ll say two
Right on three, just me and you in our birthday suits

Repeat Chorus

The birds and bees and frogs are free
You should come along with me, oh

Repeat Chorus