JT Hodges - "Goodbyes Made You Mine"

I'm not your high school crush, your first love, your first kiss
Guy that crossed you off of his list
I'm not the red tail lights that left you behind
Again and again

I'm not your Tennessee premed big man
Promised you a ring, took another girls hand
What's it gonna take to make you understand, I'm not that man
This is me now, baby don't doubt the love I can give to you
You gotta know

I ain't the same old, let you go, run you around
String you along, do you wrong, like they done ya 'till now
Girl after all you've been through
I knew it'd be a matter of time
‘Till all those goodbyes made you mine

I've been your late night call, your shoulder to cry on
Down the highway listenin’ to sad songs
Talkin’ all night ‘bout stupid things, makin’ you smile
I've been right here, all of these years
I am your man by now you oughta know


No more lonely nights starin’ at your cell phone
No more clingin’ to a love so cold
With me you'll never have to be alone


Goodbyes made you mine

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