Luke Bryan - "I Don't Want This Night To End"

Intro.: |(Am)|(G)|(F)|(F)| x 2

(Am)Girl, I know I don't know you
But your (G)pretty little eyes so blue are (F)pulling me in like the moon on your skinaa
(Am)I'm so glad you trusted me, this (G)light up on this dusty seae-
And (F)let your hair down, and get outta town,.-
Got the (Am)stars comin' out (G)over my moon
And (F)all I know now is it's going good

You got your (C)hands up, you're rocking (G)in my truck
You got the (F)radio on, you're singing every song
I'm set on (C)cruise control, I'm slowly (G)loosing hold of every-(F)thing I got
You're looking so damn hot
And (Am)I don't know what (G)road we're on, or (F)where we've been from starrin' at you
Girl, (Am)all I know is (G)I don't want this (F)night to end

Gonna (Am)cuss the morning, when it comes
'Cause (G)I know that the rising sun ain't (F)no good for me, 'cause you'll have to leave
Gonna (Am)make the most of every mile, do (G)anything to make your smile
(F)Land on my lips, you drunk on your kiss
The (Am)clock on the dash, says (G)3:35
There's (F)plenty of gas and the night's still alive

Repeat Chorus

Inst.: |(C)|(G)|(F)|(F)| x 2

Repeat Chorus

(Am) (G) (F) I don't want this night to end
(Am) (G) (F) No, I don't want this night to end
(Am) (G) (F) -----