Jamey Johnson - "You Cant Cash My Check's"

(G)I'm up every morning before the(C)sunshine come's rollin(G)in,,When that rooster start's crowin and that(C)remind's me I need to feed(D)him,,,(C) And everyday'z the same(G)but everydayz cuz(C)everyday I go deeper in (D)debt,,,,, CHORUS,,,,,
And you can't cash my check's(C),,,And you can't feel this(G)hunger,,You can push me(F)in to the (C)water,, but you can't hold me(D)under,,, you can bring me(C)down,,, but you cant make me(Em)beg,,,(C) You can take my(G) word(D)but you can't cash my(G)check's

(G)It's so hard to stay honest in a(C)world thats headed to(G)hell,, You can't make a good livin these (C)day'z cuz the truth just wont(D)sell,, so if you (C)go out my backdoor just(G)over the hill you'll(C) see all these plant's that's been(D)payin my bill's

Repeat Chorus,,,
But you can't cash my(C)check's,,And you can't feel this(G) hunger,, You can push me(F)in to cold(C)water but you can't hold me(D)under,, You can bring me(C)down,, but you can't make me(Em)beg,,(C)you can take my(G)word,,(D) but you can't cash my(G)checks

You can bring me(C)down,,but you can't make me(Em) beg,,(C)you can take my(G)word(D) but you can't cash my(G)check's

(G)You can take my word(D)but you can't cash my(G)check's/// (F)(C)(G)