Charlie Louvin - "Ain't You Even Gonna Cry"

Ain't You Even Gonna Cry
by: Charlie Louvin
Charlie Louvin's World Cd
Transcribed by: Verne Garrison
Banjo Tuned E, Capo 3, Key of Bb

Bb Eb
Ain't you even gonna cry?
Hey, I walkin out the door
You may never see many anymore
F Bb
Ain't you even gonna cry?

I've taken all that I can take
My heart is broken all a heart can break
Staying here would be a big mistake
So I'll be leavin now for my own sake


I don't know where I'll be going to
Just someplace to be away from you
All the hurt and pain you put me thru
I know that I won't be missed by you


Tag: You may never see me anymore,
Ain't you even gonna cry?