Darryl Worley - "Keep The Change"

(Capo on 1)

Intro.: | (C) | (C) (F) | x 3

If you (C)see me hold my (F)hand over my (Dm)heart before I (G)start the pledge of al-(C)legiance
There's a (F)reason, it's to (Dm)honor those who (G)died
And if you (C)see me close my (F)eyes and bow my (Dm)head before I (G)break bread with my (C)familyaa
It ain't a (F)habit, it's im-(Dm)portant, it's my (G)righte-
(Dm)I work half a year for me, the other (Em)half for Uncle Sam,.-
While he's (F)bailin' those sinkin' ships and (G)drownin' the little man

I watch the (F)news and have to wonder if this (Em)country's goin' crazy
Talkin' 'bout (Dm)how much they love it here, but how they (Em)wanna rearrange it
I'm (F)just your average Joe and that makes me (Em)smart enough to know
There's a (Dm)bunch of us out here that feel the (G)same
Gonna keep our (Bb)God, our freedom, a little (F)money (F#)in the (G)bank
Y'all can keep the (C)change

Inst.: --- | (C) (F) | (C) | (C) (F)

Now the (C)fat cats on the (F)hill actin' so (Dm)brilliant, ain't (G)smart enough to (C)notice
That we're (F)angry and A-(Dm)merica's in (G)trouble
If they (C)don't wise up and (F)stop bustin' (Dm)out the blocks that were (G)laid as a found-(C)ation
This (F)nation could wake (Dm)up in a pile of (G)rubble
They (Dm)say we're makin' progress, but it's a (Em)big 'ol shame to me
That (F)common sense ain't never as common (G)as it used to be

Repeat Chorus

Inst.: | (C) (F) | (Dm) (G) | (C) (F) | (Dm) (G)

I'll bet our (Dm)grandpas are getting' dizzy (Em)down there in their grave
Rollin' (F)over and over, over (G)what's goin' on these days

Repeat Chorus

Outro.: | (C) (C) | (C) (F) | ----- repeat to fade