Josh Michael - "Put This Guitar Down"

Put This Guitar Down
Words and Music by Zane Henley

Key of G

Well I'm standin' in the rain
Without a nickle to my name
And lookin' back
Half my life is dang near gone

Runnin' up and down the highways
Said I was gonna do things my way
But now the lights are out
And I think I want to go home


Well I've played these honky tonks and bars
Slept in pool halls and in a few cars
I've thumbed on every highway out of town
And after all these nights of drinkin
I sobered up and got to thinkin'
I oughta go back home
And put this guitar down

Well I'm dozin' on a Greyhound
Not sure where I'm bound
Where my dreams live on
In a string of one night stands

But I'll tune up and hit the stage
The same story just a different page
In the life of a poet
A broke down music man