Alabama - "Dixieland Delight"

G D Em C G D Cm G

verse 1:
[G] Rollin' down-a backwoods
Tennessee by-[D]-way
[Em]One arm on the [C] wheel
Holdin' my [G] lover
With the [D] other
[Em]A sweet, soft Southern [C] thrill
Worked hard all [Em] week
Got a little [D] jingle
On a [Em] Tennessee Saturday [C] night
Couldn't feel [G] better
I'm to-[D]-gether with my [Cm] Dixieland Delight[G]

Cho:Spend my [D] dollar
Park in a [Em] holler 'neath the mountain moon-[C]-light
Hold her [G] up tight
Make a little [D] lovin'
A little turtle-[Em]-dovin' on a mason-Dixon [C] night
Fits my [Em] life
Oh, so [C] right
My [Cm] Dixieland De-[G]-light

A simplified version of the solo after 1st chorus (if anybody knows it note
for note, PLEASE let me know):

B-----------0(p.m) 0(p.m)-3-(0)-0---------------------------------------------

B-0(pm)-3-(0)-0-------3----------------------------------or do a G-harmonic

Verse 2: (same chords as the first)

White-tail buck deer
Munchin' on clover
Red-tail hawk
Sittin' on a limb
Chubby old groundhog
Croakin' bullfrog
Free as a feelin' in the wind
Homegrown country girl
Gonna give me a whirl
on a Tennessee Saturday night
Lucky as a seven
Livin' in heaven
with my Dixieland Delight

(repeat cho)

a few strange chord progressions follow the 2nd chorus; something like

C, D, Em a couple of times, and I believe the key changes to A (so, of
course, either capo the 2nd fret now, or play all the chords a whole step
higher than they are written here)

a fiddle solo ensues, and the tempo increases and they fade out, singing
verse one again.