Jamey Johnson - "My Way To You"

Setting Fire's, Dark Desire's
& nights that I just cant recall
I woke up flying, with the angels
& no one to catch me when I fall


Im going down the wrong road & Im
Living by the wrong code & Im
Chasing after dreams that don't come true
Looking for the right signs
& riding on the white lines just -
trying to find my way to you

there's been high times
& there's been hard times
& there's been times I couldn't tell
From living a good life for living a bad life
cause I'm always living fast as hell


From an Alabama Porch
To a dirty Bar room floor
Burning bridges down I never even crossed
When I didn't have a care
When I didn't have a prayer
I never once thought love was lost
somehow I knew
That I find my way to you


That I find my way to you..