Highway 101 - "Bing Bang Boom"

Gather Round me and lend and ear cause I got somethin you ought to hear
I'm tellin you that you ought to fear a certain kind of love
Now it can start in the day or night and just as quick as a rattler's bite
youve got a case of love at first site and its what your dying of

its just bing bang boom one two three
youre feeling normal as you can be and then bing bang boom lickety split
it doesnt come on bit by bit it gets instantly in full swing and its bing bang boom

Well I was foot loose and fancy free I had respect I had dignity
then this thing got ahold of me and still will not let go
I walked in and my heartbeat jumped my hair stood up and my skin goose bumped
my mind went blank and my IQ slumped and my judgement hit the road

it was bing bang boom one two three