Mannon Mints - "Shade Tree"

There's a place in Houston, Texas where the super foxes go.
The place is full of women you'd really like to know.
You can look all around you a bad one you'll never see.
Old Ben's on the bandstand at a place called the old Shade Tree.

A gal down there that loves me, her name is sweet Marie.
Super tight bluejeans, some boobs you won't believe.
Her old man I shot him now I'm in the penitentiary.
Sweet Marie's still at the Shade Tree.
I wonder if she still loves me.

Sittin in my cell thinkin bout Marie , Wonderin if she's faithful and still thinking bout me.
At night I sit here dreaming bout my sweetMarie
And I bet Old Bens still playin,
At a place called the old Shade Tree.