Little Big Town - "That's Where I'll Be"

Intro: Em G C Em G C

Em G C Em G
Holding you is revelation Baby, I have seen

C Am
the other side And there's nothing there but

Em Am Em
lonely so I live for doing only what it

G D Am C
takes to bridge the great divide.

Em C
I would ride across the mesa to the Arizona

plains or sail beyond the shores of Cisco Beach

Em C
I'd go down the Mississippi to the land of

hurricanes or I'd climb the hills of Tennessee

Am C Em G C
If that's where you are, that's where I'll be

Em G C Em
Loving you is sweet salvation Baby, there's no

G C Am
measure to your worth. Now it's your love that

Em Am Em
makes me so I'll follow where it takes me even

G D Am C
to the edge of the earth

(Chorus repeat)

Am Em Am
Without you I'm only drifting through this life

Em G D
that I'm not living. Without you I'm a heart

Am C
without a home.

(chorus repeat) to end