Mills Brothers - "The Jimtown Road"

The Jimtown Road
by Billy Vaughn

Well, it's Saturday night,
and everbody's countin' his pay
Turn on the porch light,
it's been a long hard day

Hey luther , pull up a chair,
I'll stretch out here on the swing
I saw lightnin' over there,
we haven't had a storm since spring

Hey Luther, wave to Brother Griffin
He's smilin' and he's headin' this way
He's been checking out the girl
On the Gin Town Road today
He says it's his moral duty
To see that she ain't doing no wrong.
But that was early this mornin'
I wonder why he's been gone so long...

Ever since a lady, named Pauline Slaughter
Moved down there,with her well built daughter
The traffic's gettin heavy,
on the Jimtown Road

They stopped a Baron county car
this side of Bowlin' Green with a load
and traffic's gettin' heavy over there
on the jimtown road

I saw Pudd'n Hagan,
sitt'n on the court house lawn
He said his wife Lucille's
gett'n fatter than a tub of lard
Well he talked about that son of his,
and how little Pudd'n Jr. had grown
And the traffic's gett'n heavy over there
on the Jimtown Road