Kid Rock - "All Summer Long"

Intro:D C G

It was(D)1989,(C)my thoughts were(G)short my hair was long

(D)caught somewhere be(C)tween a boy and(G) man.

(D)She was(C)17 and she was(G)far from in between.

It was(D)summertime in(C)Northern(G) Michigan.


(D)Splashin' through the (C)sandbar,(G)talkin' by the campfire.

It's the (D) things in (C)life like when and (G) where.

We(D)didn't have no(C)internet, but(G)man I never will forget

The(D) way the moonlight(C)shined upon her (G)hair.


And we were(D)tryin' different(C)things and we were(G)smokin' funny things

Makin'(D) love out by the(C)lake to our favorite(G)songs

Sippin'(D)whiskey out the (C) bottle not(G)thinkin' 'bout tomorrow

Singin'(D)sweet home Ala(C)bama all(G)summer long

Singin'(D)sweet home Ala(C)bama all(G)summer long

Catchin'(D)walleye from the(C)dock watchin'(G)waves roll off the rocks

She'll for(D)ever hold up a(C)spot inside my(G)soul

We'd(D)blister in the (C)sun, we could'nt(G)wait for night to come

To(D)hit that sandy(C)place of rock 'n(G)roll


Solo: D C G x's 2

Now(D)nothin' seems as(C)strange as when the(G)leaves began to change

Oh(D)how we thought those(C)days would never(G)end

Some(D)times I hear that(C)song and I'll (G)start to sing along

And think(D)man I'd like to(C)see that girl(G)again

Chorus: 2x's