Buddy Jewell - "This Ain't Mexico"

(C)There's a big debate in this country today

about the border situation down (G)south.

Some say let 'in 'cause the work and spend

Others say we oughta kick 'em all (C)out.

Well let me tell you my friend if they're sneakin in

plain and simple hey're breakin' the (F)law.

Some call it immigration, I say (C)it's an invasion

And (G)it's time to finish that (C)wall.

(chorus 1)

(F)'Cause this ain't Mexico, sorry pardner but we (C)don't hablo

We love (G)margaritas and them sizzlin' fajitas

But we still remember the (C)Alamo.

(F)Don't matter (C)how you spend it

(F)You wanna live here there's a (C)line get in it

(F)You can call me a closed minded, old fashioned,

Flag wavin' (G)redneck gringo...

But this ain't (C)Mexico.

If you're here for the money, for the milk and the honey,

for everything America has,

If you're hard workin' people, livin' here legal'

Hey I ain't got no problem with that.

We're all takin' a beatin' from the one's who are cheatin'

this system and brother they will, keep abusin' our freedom

sayin' we gotta feed 'em, and I'm tired of footin' the bill.

(chorus 2)

Cause thius ain't Mexico, sorry partner but we don't hablo

We love your sandy beaches and Johnny Rodriguez

But we still remember the Alamo.

You might not like it but here's how I see it

It's still our country son, you better believe it

Just keep one thing in mind, 'fore you slip cross that line, me amigo...

This ain't Mexico.


(F)The party's over do I make myself (C)clear

(F)It's kinda like last call at the bar, you don't have to go home

But you can't stay (G)here.

(repeat chorus 1)