George Allison - "It Ain't Easy Bein' Me"

It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
written by D. Harris/C Whitset

[D]Ain't it good that I got [D7]someone
To [G]always let me down
It [D]gives me one more reason
To order one more [A]round
And wonder [D]just what [D7]happened
To the [G]man I use to [Gm]be
I'll [D]tell you it ain't [A]easy

It gets [G]harder and harder to [D]keep on standin tall
When the [E]world looks so much better when I can [A]
Hardly stand at all [D]
I get no re[D7]spect these days
And [G]not much sympa[Gm]thy
I'll [D]tell you it ain't [A]easy bein [D]me

Modulate to E
Did you hear the one about the guy
Who [A]comes here every nite
And [E]thinks that he can drink enough
To make things turn out [B7]right

If you think [E]that ones funny
They get [A]better just wait and [Am]see
Did you [E]hear the one a[B7]bout you lovin
[A]me [E]


[E]I'll tell you it ain't [B7]easy bein [A]me [Am] [E]