Randy Rogers Band - "In My Arms Instead"

All the leaves have turned to rust
the air is getting thin
I can see my breathe
the night is rolling in
the sky is grey
as cold as a stone
it's just the kind of day
I can't stand to be alone

you, you've been on my mind
I wish you were here
beside me tonight
lying in this bed
cause I, I'm just not the same
I walk down these streets
I swear I hear your name
but It's just in my head
I wish you were in my arms instead

I wasn't thinking about you
when I thought i saw your car
can't escape you for long
you know I never get too far
You're everywhere I go,
cause you're everywhere I've been
You're everything I wanted
and I want you back again


I have to find a way
that's just how it is
I'm stuck here in this place