yoakam dwight - "home for sale-crd"


Subject: Home For Sale - Dwight Yoakam

Song - Home For Sale
Album - dwightyoakamacoustic.net
Artist - Dwight Yoakam

Song is played in standard tuning eBGDAE.
Song is played by a combination of picking and strumming chords. Note:
*In last line of bridge, starting with "It's just a few", pick F# note
on base string E where *symbol indicates until you begin playing B7
Chord as indicated. Also strum entire E chord once after last word of
first verse and B7 after last word of bridge.
Listen to CD for easier understanding.

Easy song to play and another great Dwight song! My first tab and it's
pretty exact so I hope you enjoy it! I left out a few bass runs that you
can try to pick up as you listen to the song on CD.

4/4 Time

Intro: E

Verse 1: E B7 E
Home for sale it's much too large
E B7 E
Too many rooms big ol' empty yard
Far more space than the owner needs
B7 E
Price includes all memories

Verse 2: E B7 E
Home for sale restored like new
B7 E
Just a place two lives outgrew
A change in heart forces move away
B7 E
Would like to keep but just can't stay

Bridge: D A E
Listen close and you might here the sound
Of what you think is rainfall leaking down
The roof is fine set aside your fears
* B7
It's just a few remaining tears

Verse 3: E B7 E
Home for sale not all that old
B7 E
A families dream stands dark and cold
Scenic views that go for free
B7 E
Of all the love that used to be

B7 E
Home for sale is much too large