Jimmy Wayne - "I Love You This Much"


Subject: I Love You This Much - Jimmy Wayne

I Love You This Much - Jimmy Wayne
Album: Jimmy Wayne
Writers: Jimmy Wayne/Chris Dubois/Don Sampson

Intro: D Dsus2-D G Asus A (x2)

D A/C# Bm A
He can't remember the times that he thought
G D/F# Em7 A
Does my daddy love me, probably not
D A/C# Bm A
That didn't stop him from wishing that he did
G D/F# Em7 Asus A
Didn't keep him from wanting or worshipping him

D A/C# Bm A
He guesses he saw him about once a year
G D/F# Em7 A
He could still feel the way he felt standing in tears
D A/C# Bm A
Stretching his arms out as far as they'd go
G D/F# Em7 A
Whispering, dad I want you to know

G D/F#
I love you this much and I'm waiting on you
Em7 A
To make up your mind, do you love me too?
G D/F#
How ever long it takes I'm never giving up
Em7 D/F# G
No matter what
I love you this much

(repeat intro progression once except after chorus 2)

D A/C# Bm A
He grew to hate him for what he had done
G D/F# Em A
Cause what kind of father could do that to his son
D A/C# Bm A
He said, damn you daddy the day that he died
G D/F# Em A
The man didn't blink but the little boy cried


Em7 D
Half way through the service while the choir sang a hymn
He looked up above the preacher and he sat and stared at him

D A/C# Bm A
He said, forgive me father when he realized
G D/F# Em7 A
That he hadn't been unloved or alone all his life
D A/C# Bm A
His arms were stretched out as far as they'd go
G D/F# Em7 A
Nailed to the cross for the whole world to know


(repeat intro progression)

A = x02220
Asus= x02230
A/C#= x42220
Bm = x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
C = x32010
D = xx0232
Dsus2= xx0230
D/F#= 200232 (hold down bottom string with thumb)
Em7 = 020000
G = 320003

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(ASCAP)/State One Songs America (ASCAP)EMI April Music (ASCAP)/Sea Gayle Music (Ascap). All Rights Reserved. This work is an interpretation of the song written and is intended for scholarly studies only. Performers are encouraged to purchase the official sheet music of the song.