Keith Whitley - "I Never Go Around Mirrors (Vers. 2)"


Subject: Mirrors by Keith Whitley

I think this is close
Roy Williams

1 4
1 I can't stand to see a good man go to waste
2 I can't stand to be where heartache hangs around
1 5
1 One who never combs his hair or shaves his face
2 Its so easy for the blues to get me down
1 4
1 A man who leans on wine over love thats total lies
2 To see a grown man Crawl is more than I can stand
1 5 1
1 O it tares me up to see a grown man cry
2 I can't look into the eyes of half a man

1 4
So I never go around mirrors
1 5
I can't stand to see me without you by my side
1 4
No I never go around mirrors
1 5 1
Because I have a heartache to hide

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