Don Williams - "I'm Just A Country Boy"

I'm Just a Country Boy

C (Am7)(Dm7)G7 Cmaj7
I ain't gonna marry in the fall,
Dm7 G C Cdim
I ain't gonna marry in the spring.
Dm G Cmaj7 Am
'Cos I'm in love with a pretty little girl,
Dm7 C F Dm G7
Who wears a diamond ring.

And . . .

C Am Dm Dm7 G7
I'm just a country boy,
C Cmaj7 C7 F
Money have I none.
Dm7 G7 C Am
But I've got silver in the stars,
Dm7 G7 Dm7 C Cdim
And gold in the morning sun;
Dm G7 Dm7 C Dm G7
Gold in the morning sun.

Never gonna kiss the ruby red lips,
Of the prettiest girl in town.
Never gonna ask her if she'd marry me,
I know she'd turn me down.
'Cos . . .


I never could afford a store-bought ring,
With a sparkling diamond stone.
All I could afford is a loving heart,
The only one I own.
'Cos . . .


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