Don Williams - "Come Early Morning (CRD)"


Subject: Come Early Morning by Don Williams

Come Early Morning
performed by Don Williams
words and music by Bob McDill

I've been a [C] walking [F] walking in the [C] moonlight, tripping in the
starlight Lord

and I'm felling [G] down. Walking in the [C] shadows, [F] sneaking down the
[C] side

road, come early morning I'll be [G] there at the edtge of [C] town.

I was a thinking, thinking bout a good thing, thinking bout a sweet gleam,
Mmm in my honey's eyes. And I was a sinking, feeling kind of lonesome but
come early morning I'll be home at my honey's side.

I have [C] drift [F] ed up across the [C] mountain and I have stumbled down
the other

[G] side. And I've been [C] temp [F] ted tried and [C] troubled, come early

I'll be [G] home and satis [C] fied.

She give me little loving, give me little sunshine, make me have a good time,
Lord when I'm fellin' blue. I couldn't refuse her, well i couldn't misuse
her; come early morning I'll be home with my honeydew.