vanderveen ad - "pocketful of pearls-crd"


Subject: Re: request and submission

Pocketful of pearls - Ad Vanderveen


[E] I got a [E] pocketful of pearls, they're mine all mine
I take 'em round the world, feed 'em to the swine
[A] Some don't like, they say it's a waste
[E] Some don't like it 'cause they got no taste
[B7] Sometimes I get to wonder, where the hell I am
When a [E] pocketful of pearls ain't worth a damn

I got a pocketful of pearls, I feel like a king
Outside the palace, it don't mean a thing
I guess it all depends on wherever you are
In the middle of a desert, they won't get you to far
They only want your water, they don't want your wine
Pocketful of pearls, feed 'em to the swine

Instr. break

[A] There's got to be a million treasures
On the bottom of the sea
[E] But you gotta go down there, you won't get 'em for free
[A] Sometimes you wonder what to do it all for
When [B7] draggin' them around, must be it's own reward

I had a pocketful of pearls, I was mighty proud
I went out spillin' them all over the crowd
I learned a thing or two about the world ain't fair
The more you try to please 'em, the less they're gonna care
If you got smething precious, leave it on the shelf
Pocketful of pearls, keep it to yourself