Aaron Tippin - "My Blue Angel"

Verse 1
{C]Somewhere out there in the [Am}smoky air.Where the [F]night is
[C]Surrounded by strangers she [Am}dont know the dangers one[F]drink could
lead her [G}to.
[F]And if she falls it's[G]all my fault for[C]doing a good woman [Am]wrong.
Ican't[F]be far behind her so[Am]lord help me find her [F]before my angel is

[G]lookin' for my [Am]blue ahoo ooh ahoo[C]angel the same one who [F]flew
from my arms last[G]night.[G]if you see my[Am] blue ahooooh ahoo [C]angel.
tell her that[F]heavan without her[G]feels like hell to[C]night.

Verse 2
Last night when she left. i told myself that she wouldnt go to far.
Now i'm not so sure how long her tears could last in a strangers arms.
She's wounded i know and feeling so low.Shecould fall at any time.
I dont know what id do. If i were to lose that precious angel of mine.

Repeat chorous