Aaron Tippin - "I Wonder How Far Is It Over You"

Verse 1
[D]I left my car beside the hiway and i{A]didnt lock the doors.
Left a [G]note there with the keys sayin' take 'er friend she's{D]yours.
[D]Then i struck out accrossTexas gon'a[A]walk it line to line.
Now i'm [G]half way 'cross New Mexico and your'e still on my [D]mind
[G]This road thats goin'nowhere just[A]leads me on and on
As i[G] ask myself with every step will i[A]ever be alone?

[D]i wonder just how[G]far it is over{D]you
{D]is there no place i[Em]go that you dont come [A] to.
{A]When i left Tenn[G]isee [A] i thought we were [D]through
[Dand i wonder how[Em]far it is over[D].

Verse 2
I was deep in California.When i finally made a friend.
It was me and that old hobo,till you showed up again.
Then he ran out of liquor,and i ran out of time.
Now i'm standin by the ocean,and your still on my mind
I'm srarin' at the water,so blue and deep and wide.
Thought a man could lose a mem'ry over on the other side.

Repeat chorous