tucker tanya - "its only over for you-crd"


Subject: It's Only Over For You by Tanya Tucker
Album: Girls Like Me
Written by: M. ReidR. M. Burke

It's only over for you Tanya Tucker

F# C#
Somehow I knew I'd see you tonight Here in our old rondavous
I'm at the mercy of old memories You've got your somebody new
You may wonder why I keep coming by with this heart so broken in two
F# C# F#
Any fool can see with one look at me that it's only over for you.

B F# C# F#
CHORUS It's only over for you no I'm not the one who found somebody new
B F#
You can go on believing we're through oooh but it's only over
C# F#
It's only over for you.

F# C#
As I watch you falling in love you can't see me falling apart
And even though You hurt me I know I still love you with all of my heart

But I won't hide my face in a stranger's embrace
when we dance into each other's view.
F# C#
No don't be surprised at these tears in my eyes cause it's only
over for you.
C# F#
CHORUS ENDING: It's only over for you.