shannon del - "walk away-crd"


Subject: Song Submittal :::::

The name Del Shannon is associated not only in Rock and Roll, but in Country
Crossover as well. Among his hit songs such as Runaway and Hats Off To
Larry, Del recorded a CD before he died that contained some of his finest
works yet. The song Walk Away is a classic example of his artistic talent.
Del Shannon will be sadly missed by those who admired him for his guitar
work, and for his singing style. There will never be another Del Shannon.

Walk Away - Del Shannon

Verse: 1
F Bb C7
Everytime, I have to lie, It tears me apart,
F Bb C7
Everytime, I see you cry, It takes a piece of my heart,
Dmi Bb C7
I know that I, Said I'd never ever walk away from you,
Dmi Bb C7
I know that I, Said I'd always be there, My whole life through.

I've got to walk away,
There's nothing left that I can do but walk away,
Bb C7
Walk away, Slowly turn my eyes from you and walk away.

Verse: 2
F Bb C7
Everytime, I make believe, It hurts more and more,
F Bb C7
There was a time, I couldn't see, But now I'm for sure,
Dmi Bb C7
I know that I, Can't help it if it hurts you when I say good-bye,
Dmi Bb C7
Don't know why, It has to be the way it is, I tried and I tried.

- Repeat Chorus -

- Instrumental Lead Break -

- Repeat Chorus X 4 & End -