shannon del - "i go to pieces-crd"


Subject: Song Submittal ::::

Here is another one of Del Shannons works from his final CD release. I Go To
Pieces is a remake of an old 50s classic but his rendition of this song
makes it an unforgetable experience in love and losing.

I Go To Pieces - Del Shannon

Verse: 1
F Dmi
When I see her, Coming down the street,
Bb C7
I get so shaky and I feel so weak,
F Dmi
I tell my eyes to look the, Other way,
Bb C7
But they don't seem to hear a word I say, And I.

F Dmi F Dmi
Go to pieces and I wanna cry, Go to pieces and I almost die,
Bb Gmi F C7
Everytime, My baby, Passes by.

Verse: 2
F Dmi
I tell my arms they'll hold, Someone new,
Bb C7
Another love that will be true,
F Dmi
They don't listen, They don't seem to care,
Bb C7
They reach for her but she's not there, and I.

- Repeat Chorus -

F Ami Bb Bb-C-Bb
I remember what she said when she said, Good-bye baby,
Ami Bb Bb-C-Bb Ami Bb
We'll meet again soon maybe, But until we do,
G C7 Bb F C7
All me best to you, I'm so lonely, Think about her only.

Verse: 3
F Dmi Bb C7
I go to places, We used to go, But I know she'll never show,
F Dmi Bb C7
She's hurt me, So deep inside, Now I hope she's satisfied, And I.

- Repeat Chorus -