Carl Smith - "Mister Moon"


Subject: Mister Moon by Carl Smith

Mister Moon
by Carl Smith
written by Carl Smith & Autry Inman & Shirly Lyn

Can I de-(C)pend on your light pur-ty (G)moon
(G7)While I'm hold-in' her tight sil-ver (C)moon
(G7)Will you (C)be there a-bove help-in' (F)me with my love
Can I de-(G7)pend on your light mis-ter (G)moon
(F)Ev-'ry time (C7)you're (F)shin-in' there's ro-(C)mance in the air
Please (F)set her heart (C7)a-pin-(F)in' an (C)tell her I'll be (G7)there
As I (C)look in her eye's, pur-ty (C)moon
Will you look from the sky, sil-ver (C)moon
If (G7)I ask (C)her to be mine, will (F)you stand by me
Will you (G7)help me to-night, mis-ter (C)moon

If we're (C)wed in the mid-dle of (G)june
Will you shine bright for our hon-ey (C)moon
(G7)When you (C)shine you make (C7)love seem to come (F)a-bove
Will I (G7)see you to-night, mis-ter (G)moon
(F)Seems your gold-(C7)en' (F)beau-ty just (C)makes the per-fect night
Some-(F)how it seems (C7)my (F)cut-ie looks (C)cut-er by your (G7)light
There'll be (C)just us three, pur-ty (G7)moon
You and her, her and me, sil-ver (C)moon
For help-ing our ro-mance, I thank (F)you in ad-vance
an' I'll (G7)see you to-night, mis-ter (C)moon