Carl Smith - "Hey Joe (ALT TAB)"


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Someone was wanting the chords to Carl Smith's, Hey Joe. I haven't tried
that one in about forty years, but here are the chords and lyrics that I
Hey Joe
As sung by Carl Smith

He-(C) -ey Joe, where'd you get that pearlie-girlie, where'd you get
that jolly-dolly
where'd you get that pretty little dish I wish was (G7)mine?
He-ey Joe, she's got skin that's creamy-dreamy, eyes that look so
Lips as red as cherry-berry (C)wine.(C7)

Now come on (F)Joe, let's make a deal, old buddy let me touch her to see
if she is real.
I tell you she's a cutie-pie and I warn you that I'm gonna try to
(G7)steal her from you.
He-(C)- ey Joe, we'll be friends (C7)'til the end, (F)but this looks
like the end my friend I've gotta(G7) have
that dolly for my (C)own.