Carl Smith - "Airmail To Heaven"


Subject: Airmail to Heaven

This was, I believe, a Carl Smith tune around 1960

Airmail to Heaven
recorded by Carl Smith around 1960-2

A[D] letter was written by a little girl's hand
It was [G]sealed with her little heart's [D]love
'Said [A7]airmail to heaven to [D]Daddy
To his [E7]new home somewhere up a[A7]bove
As a [D]postman I knew that it couldn't be mailed
So I [G]opened the letter and [D]read
[G]To my surprise, [D]tears filled my eyes
Here's [A7]what the little girl [D]said

Dear Daddy, Mommy now loves someone new
She [G]says that you're not coming [D]home
She [A7]told me to try to [D]understand,
She [E7]can't go on living a[A7]lone
I [D]hope Daddy you can forgive her
She needs [G]someone for all she's been [D]through
And [G]he will never [D]take your place,
He'll be[A7] just filling in for [D]you.

Well I finished and folded the letter
Tears rolling down my face
For I was the new man she mentioned
Who was taking her Daddy's place

Submitted by Joe Batdorf