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Subject: price_kenny/walking_on_new_grass

Walking on New Grass
(BMI Work #1601884)
Written by Ray Pennington
Published by Sony/ATV Songs Tree
Recorded by Kenny Price

Verse 1:
I'm like a cloud, drifting from town to town,
B7 E B7
Each new love just helps me on my way.
No one woman is ever going to tie me down.
B7 E
When one gets too close, I just back up and say,

I've gotta be
Walking on new grass!
Singing a new song!
E B7
Tomorrow, there's no telling where I'll be!
But I'll be
Walking on new grass!
Singin' a new song!
E B7 E
The next town up the road keeps callin' me!

Verse 2:
I'm telling you, don't fall in love with me,
I don't plan on being here too long.
Like a leaf caught in a playful breeze
I'll carry you a while, then I'll he moving on!

Repeat Chorus

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