Oak Ridge Boys - "Sail Away (NNS CRD)"

[1] Across the bay a lady waits to [5] hold me tight
And my [1] boat and I are ready to set [5] sail
If the [1] weather keeps on holdin' and the [5] wind is right
I'll be [1] wrapped up in my sweet one's arms to-[5]-night

And we will [1] sail away
on the wings of [5] love into the night
[1] Cast out our fortunes on the [5] sea
Then we will [1] go to sleep together
with the [5] rocking of the water
And [1] dream of how our life will someday [5] be
When she sails away with [1] me

As I skip across the waves, my sails are high and full
My mind is on the one I wait to see
And I dream about an island somewhere in my mind
Where someday I will take her off with me


Note. This submission is by ZOOMER & K5UYB.