Oak Ridge Boys - "Y'all Come Back Saloon"

verse 1
[D]She played tambourine with a silver jingle and she [G] must have known the

to at least a million [D] tunes, but the one most requested by the man she
knew as

[Bm] cowboy was the [D] late night benedic[Bm]ion at the [A] y'all come back

[D] saloon.

Verse 2 same chords as first
In a voice soft and trembling, she'd sing her song to cowboy as a smokey halo
circled round her raven hair. And all the fallen angels and pinball playing
stopped the games that they'd been playing for the losers evening prayer.

[G] Faded love [D] and faded memories how the lin [G] ger in her [D] mind.

miles and [G] years played the cowboy like and [D] old melo[Bm]dy out of [E]

and out of [A] time.

Verse 3
Every night in the shadows thinking back on Amarillo, he'd dream of better
days and ask for faded love, lifting high his glass in honor of the lady and
her song, he paid his check then lonely walked the broken cowboy home.