Oak Ridge Boys - "Fancy Free"


Subject: Fancy Free by The OakRidge Boys

Fancy Free
performed by The OakRidge Boys
words and music by Jimbeau Hinson and Roy August

I'm [D] settin fancy free be[A] cause she wants to go. She's tired of lovin'
me [D] she

told me so. [D7] I guess she don't know just how [G] much she means to me,

along with [D] all my dreams. I'm [A] settin' fancy [D] free.

Yes I'm [G] settin' fancy free even [D] though I love her still. She'd [A]
be no good

to me if I [D] held her against her will [D7] [G] even though that girl,
she's the [D]

best part of my world. [A] Along with all my dreams, I'm settin' fancy [D]

Lord you just don't know how it hurts to say goodbye. She did her best to
stay I can't say she did not try. I just hope the road she takes leads back
to me. So along with all my dreams I'm settin' fancy free.