orbison roy - "pretty woman2-crd"


Subject: Contributing Songs

Lee left lrics and chords for 'Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison on the site
saying he/she wasn't sure if the chords were right.

So I have listened to Roy O and I came up with my variation that others
may want to see

by Roy Orbison

Pretty (A) Woman walkin$B%f(B (F#m) down the street Pretty (A) Woman
The kind I$B%f(Bd (F#m) like to meet Pretty (D) Woman
I don$B%f(Bt be (E) lieve you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you (mercy)

Pretty (A) Woman won$B%f(Bt you (F#m) pardon me ? Pretty (A) Woman
I couldn$B%f(Bt (F#m) help but see Pretty (D) Woman
You look (E) lovely as can be
Are you lonely just like me ?(grrowwll)

(Dm) Pretty Woman (G) stop a while
(C) Pretty Woman (Am) talk a while
(F) Pretty Woman (G) give your smile to (C) me
(Dm) Pretty Woman (G) yeah yeah yeah
(C) Pretty Woman (Am) look my way
(F) Pretty Woman (G) say you$B%f(Bll stay with (C) me -- (E7) ee

Cuz I (F#m) need you (D) I$B%f(Bll treat you (E) right
(A) Come with me (F#m) baby (D) be mine to (E) ni-i-ght

Pretty (A) Woman don$B%f(Bt (F#m) walk on by Pretty (A) Woman
Don$B%f(Bt (F#m) make me cry
Pretty (D) Woman don$B%f(Bt (E) walk away, hey -- OK

If that's the way it must be -- OK
I guess I$B%f(Bll go on home, it$B%f(Bs late
Maybe tomorrow night, but wait
What do I see? Is she walkin$B%f(B back to me?
Yeah, she$B%f(Bs walkin$B%f(B back to me
Oh oh, Pretty (A) Woman

Characteristic riff in 4/4 time quavers (ascending) E E G# B D F#
(descending) E D