osborne brothers - "molly and tenbrooks-crd"



Recorded by The Osborne Brothers

CAPO: 4th Fret/KEY: B/PLAY: G
(V1) [G] Run, O Molly run, Run, O Molly [C] run
Tenbrooks gonna [G] beat you, to the [D] bright shinin' [G] sun.
To the bright shinin' sun, O Lord, to the [D] bright shinin' [G] sun.

(V2) [G] Tenbrooks was a big bay horse, he wore that shaggy [C] mane
He run all around [G] Memphis, he [D] beat the Memphis [G] train
Beat the Memphis train, O Lord, [D] beat the Memphis [G] train.

(V3) See that train a-comin', it's comin' round the curve
See old Tenbrooks runnin', he's strainin' every nerve
Strainin' every nerve, O Lord, strainin' every nerve.

(V4) Tenbrooks said to Molly, what makes your head so red?
Runnin' in the hot sun, puts fever in my head
Fever in my head, O Lord, fever in my head.

(V5) Molly said to Tenbrooks, you're lookin' mighty squirrel
Tenbrooks said to Molly, I'm a-leavin' this old world
Leavin' this old worid, O Lord, leavin' this old world.

(V6) Out in California, where Molly done as she pleased
Come back to old Kentucky, got beat with all ease
Beat with all ease, O Lord, beat with all ease.

(V7) The women all a-laughin', the child'n all a cryin'
The men all a-hollerin', old Tenbrooks a-flyin'
Old Tenbrooks a-flyin', O Lord, old Tenbrooks a-flyin'.

(V8) Kyper, Kyper, you're not A-ridin' right
Molly's beatin' old Tenbrooks, clear out sight
Clear out of sight, O Lord, clear out of sight.

(V9) Kyper, Kyper, Kyper, my son
Give old Tenbrooks the bridle, let old Tenbrooks run
Let old Tenbrooks run, O Lord, let old Tenbrooks run.

(V10) Go and catch old Tenbrooks and hitch him in the shade
We're gonna bury old Molly, in a coffin ready made
Coffin ready made, O Lord, coffin ready made.