osbourne brothers - "metals for mothers-lyr"


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This song is beautiful, wanted to share it.
Metals For Mother
Written by Betty Sue Perry, recorded by the Osborne Brothers in early 1968
for an all gospel collection.
Recored by 111rd Tyme Out, live at the Mac.
Name of CD"Back to The Mac"
Produced by 111rd Tyme Out and Ken Irwin. Recorded by Rich Adler at he Mountain Arts Center, Prestonburg, Kentucky, on October3, 2000.

Metals For Mothers

I dreamed mother walked up, the heavenly stairs

And metals for mothers, were given up there.

They mentioned, a million, things mom did for me.

Things I took for granted, and never could see.


If there's me-tals for Mothers,

For all of the deeds they have done.

If there's metals for mothers

Ma -Ma you'll win every one.

A metal of honor, was pinned on her there.

A metal for patients, and kind love and care.

A metal of beauty, she won up above,

But the biggest of all, was the the one for her love.


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