owens buck - "pick me up on your way down-crd"


Subject: Pick Me up on Your Way Down Buck Owens

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

(G) You were mine for just awhile,
Now you're (C) putting on the style,
And you (D) never once looked back,
At your home across the (G) track,
You're the gossip of the town,
But my(C) heart can still be found,
Where you (D) tossed it on the groung,
Pickme up on your way (G) down,

Pick me up on your way down,
When you're (C) blue and all alone,
When their (D) glamour starts to bore you,
Come on back where you (G) belong,
You may be their pride and joy,
But they'll (C) find another toy,
And they'll (D) take away your crown,
Pick me up on your way (G) down,

They have changed your attitude,
Made you (C) honey, oh so rude,
Your new (D) friends can take the blame,
Underneath you're still the (G) same,
When you learn these things are true,
I'll be (C) waiting here for you,
As you (D) tumble to the ground,
Pick me up on your way (G) down,

Repeat Chorus: